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Las Vegas Video Production – Green Screen Studio – Video Editing Suite – DVD and CD Duplication
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Las Vegas Motion Pictures specializes in affordable DIGITAL VIDEO PRODUCTIONS…We create professional corporate videos which clearly convey your message. We produce videos for TV Commercials… Demo Reels for talent… Product Promotions… Informational and Publicity News Events…. Video Guides or Manuals… and one of the best solution for Green Screen projects in Las Vegas. We also provide DVD and CD Duplication in Las Vegas and VHS to DVD Transfer in Las Vegas.

Transfer – Copy – Record VHS to DVD in Las Vegas.

DVD Duplication Services
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CD Duplication (specials) DVD Duplication (specials)

INKJET PRINTER: Full-Color, Matte Finish – Ideal for Demo Reel or Promo Video, best for Text and Logos.

THERMAL PRINTER: Glossy, High Res. Graphic Design, typically “Store Shelf” ready.

VHS to DVD Conversion
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Preserve you Memories!

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Come To The Cross Ministries is a non-profit, televised program founded by Randy and Gina Weir with a Holy Spirit driven motivation to spread the word of God to the four corners of the Earth.  Randy and Gina Weir reside in Las Vegas, NV where God is using them to spread the message of Jesus in a dark and lonely world.  It is their heart’s desire to reach the souls of their viewer’s right in their very own homes through the Come To The Cross Ministries program, and to fill them with the sounds of praise that are featured on the CTTC Ministries “Crossroads” music CD.

God is doing a great work through CTTC Ministries with great Biblical teachings, awesome musical performances and exciting guests who share their testimonies with what God has done in their lives.

For more information about CTTC Ministries

Green Screen Studio
Green Screen Studio
CD and DVD Duplication
CD and DVD Duplication

CD and DVD Duplication Las Vegas

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Web Design Las Vegas

Web Design Las Vegas